Nigerian Organic Agriculture Network (NOAN) is a non-governmental organization created to serve as an umbrella body for all stakeholders involved in organic agriculture in Nigeria.

The secretariat of NOAN is presently located at the Department of Agronomy, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Membership is drawn from scientists, farmers, processors, exporters, individuals, Institutions, NGOs and organizations that are key players in the organic agriculture sector in Nigeria.

NOAN also serves as a link body between organic agriculture stakeholders in N
igeria and international bodies interested in organic agriculture. The activities of NOAN are hinged on these four key thematic areas:
  • Advocacy

  • Capacity building

  • Standards and Certification

  • Marketing

These areas are managed by committee members who are well experienced in such matters. 

The mission of NOAN is to coordinate and facilitate the development of sustainable organic agriculture related activities in Nigeria.

The vision of NOAN is to improve the quality of urban and rural livelihoods through the adoption of organic agriculture in Nigeria.


  • To vigorously create and increase awareness of organic agriculture in Nigeria
  • To enhance capacity building of all stakeholders involved in organic agriculture in Nigeria
  • To assist local producers who desire to convert to organic agriculture
  • To facilitate the process of setting standards for and certifying local organic production in Nigeria
  • To link farmers to local and international organic produce markets
  • To assist all stakeholders in developing viable organic agriculture industry in Nigeria
  • To interact with international bodies on organic agriculture related issues.


  • Holding of meetings and conferences periodically in all parts of Nigeria
  • Training of all categories of stakeholders in modern organic farming techniques
  • Certification of organic farms and produce
  • Identification of local and international markets for organic produce
  • Proffering practical solutions to identified challenges facing the organic agriculture sector
  • Coordinating all stakeholders’ activities in organic agriculture nation-wide
  • Maintaining an updated database on stakeholders involved in organic agriculture in Nigeria
  • Interact with international bodies on organic agriculture related issues.
  • Activities of NOAN shall be rotated among the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria.
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